Introducing: Nova Supply Co.

Brampton-based clothing brand, Nova Supply, is set to release their two phase collection, "Berry" in limited quantities with a deep significance to be found behind the clothing. But is it really as significant as I'm saying it is, or is it just a way or drawing attention? It's actually quite meaningful, read here to learn how.

gold. collection ii

Deep emotions and fashion are not thought to coexist in the eyes of most people. Sam Wyman of gold. never got the message and is on the brink of releasing his second collection. What can we expect this time around?

Scrapbook: Detachment

Given access to a couple leather bags and a photographer, I decided to give modelling a shot. As you can probably tell, I'll only ever make it to Instagram.

Archival post from my old blog.

Introducing: gold.

A brand that has explored themes of depression, misery, and pain, gold. is an example of art imitating life. Ironically, the three aforementioned themes were the names of his first three publicly revealed pieces.
Archival blog post, originally posted on my old blog. 

Scrapbook: Angels of Paradise Lost

There comes a point where you exhaust yourself of your will to go on and follow your passions. Nicole and I related with each other in this regard and found ourselves revitalized after an unexpectedly motivating photo shoot. The poetry reflects some personal hardships I've endured in brief.